Calgary Transit

For those that rely on city transit to get to school or work on time every day, it's no secret that you can waste a lot of your time just waiting for trains or busses. I think that given the choice, most people would drive to work, but for a variety of reasons, not everybody can. If you work downtown, you will  need to fork out around $400 dollars a month for a parking spot. That is basically a car payment so unless you are making some big money, or your company pays for your parking, you are stuck with transit.

Calgary transit is a very large employer with a very difficult job of maintaining all the busses and trains, and running everything according to a strict schedule. If you want to have a look at how all this is done, watch the video below. It was an episode of Undercover Bosses Canada that ran on TV a little while ago. The video gives you an idea of what everybody does and how the whole organization works or doesn't work in some cases, together.


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