Does Your Business Have a Professional Voicemail Message?

Maybe you never thought about it, but the way you present your business through the telephone is very important.

If you or your receptionist don't answer your phone in a friendly and professional manner, you could be losing business. Would you like it if you called a local business like a plumber or dentist with the intention of making an appointment, and the person that answers the phone is rude and abrupt? If they are like that before you even hire them to provide a service, what will they be like once you have paid them some money?woman on hold on the phone

The same theory applies to your voicemail greetings and prompts, as well as your on hold message. If you call a business and get a voicemail recording, that is ok as long as the greeting is informative, friendly and assures you that someone will get back to you promptly. However once your prospective client is waiting on hold, it is not a good idea to just play some elevator music or a radio station while they wait. Isn't it better to use this time to inform them of your products and services while they are waiting? You could let them know how to book an appointment online or find the answers to their questions on your website. Maybe you could explain how to find your office and add little details like "we are next to the Walmart" or "turn left on Henderson street".

The quality of the messages often gets overlooked by small to medium sized businesses. They usually just have someone on staff record the messages and prompts, however they don't sound very professional. Lets face it , if you are not able to answer the phone when a person calls, your voicemail greeting will be their first impression of your business. Make sure that impression is that your business is good at what it does and takes their business seriously. It is similar to having a poor website. That can tell a potential customer that you are not an important player in your industry if you can't even get a good looking and professional website that also looks good on a mobile phone.

There are companies that offer this type of service complete with your choice of a female or male voice. They have professional studios with all the best sound recording equipment  to record your message, greeting or prompt. Some will even let you order your professional voicemail greeting online. All you need to do is choose a voice from their list of great on air talent, and upload your script of what you want your messages to say. They record your greetings and notify you when they are available for download from their website. This type of service can be quite affordable and lets you standout from the competition when it comes to telephone messages, prompts, and greetings.

In Calgary, you can try On Air Audio Studios Inc. at 804c 16 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2R 0S9 (403) 543-3333